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1) Various Departments & their Heirarchy for PANACHE DVADASH, 2023.JPG

"A good leader is not the one who only instructs there team members but also Leads them in all possible ways"

For the smooth working and execution of any event, a Team of people is required. The hierarchy is not the symbol of seniority or juniority but it shows the division of the work which has to be executed.


In the PANACHE, The Co-ordinator & Joint Co-ordinators together will be advising & assisting the respective teams i.e. the President, the Vice-President, than the monitoring team, Core team respectively.

As the PANACHE is the Techno-Cultural fest, the Technical/Cyber and the cultural segments are the backbone of the entire event.


This Department looks after the Technical area including the logo designing, Banners & posters designing, video designing & editing and so on ...


This is the most important department as it is responsible for managing the stage events including singing, dancing, nukkad natak and so on.


This department controls all the technical and cyber events like war of machines, Online gaming, Code debuggers and so on ...


This department looks out the expenses which are to be made by the different teams & departments for the smooth functioning of the fest.


This Department looks after Website development and designing, management of all the registrations and also the console system along the technical team ...


It includes events such as Treasure safari, perfect click, the attire and so on.


This department looks after the warm welcome of the chief guests, patrons and other dignitaries.


This department looks out the promotional aspect related to the fest. Promotions help us to get more footfalls in the event.


Members from this department will decorate the control room and try to fulfill all the creative requirements in the campus related to the fest.


This department will figure out the results of the events which were conducted in the previous year including the sports, academics, cultural & other events.


This department maintains the discipline during the event.

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